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“Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia was truly a ground-breaking event" - MSN Going Out

Eight of the hottest Kings & Queens of Comedy from Singapore and Malaysia performed in this ninth edition of the biggest stand-up comedy spectacle in Singapore. Kumar (SG), Joanne Kam (MY), Sharul Channa (SG), Fakkah Fuzz (SG), Jason Leong (MY), Rishi Budhrani (SG), Kavin J (MY), and Jinx Yeo made up the cast for this year's Ayam Pandemic Edition (SG). The night was filled with intense, belly-aching laughter.

We gave a special tribute to the late Jonathan Atherton, the man who started it all. He was known to many of the comedians you see today from Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, and other countries as the Laugh Guru. He was the chief instigator and originator of The Comedy Club Asia and the one who conceptualized The Kings & Queens of Comedy Asia. He had a dream that one day the rising stars of our area's comedy scene will perform at the Kings & Queens. This edition highlighted the former rising stars that are now stars in their own right, flanked by two of the current industry stalwarts, Kumar and Joanne.

You didn't want to miss the evening!

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