Super Kam Ultra 2017

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KUALA LUMPUR, 5 JAN 2017 – The Comedy Divas are Back! After a 1 year hiatus, ToniQ Creative is proud to bring you the latest installment of their kick-ass all female  comedy extravaganza.


SUPER KAM burst onto the scene in 2012, with the first ever ALL-FEMALE comedy showcase and 4 years and 4 shows later, it is back with their Biggest and Fiercest showcase to date. SUPER KAM ULTRA features 6 of the most fantabulous comics in the region including 1 very new addition to the pack.

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Leading the laughter is the infamous Queen of Malaysian Comedy – Joanne Kam (Comedy Central Asia, Laugh Die You, Kings & Queens of Comedy 2),  along with the princess of comedy, Shamaine Othman, (Cuak, KL24: Zombies)  the notorious Bibi K Poh, our special Guest, stinging Singaporean Sharul Channa (Comedy Central Asia & Melbourne International Comedy Festival)  and introducing the very naughty comical and singing stylings of Hannan Azlan (winner of the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival 2016). Hosted by the largest comedian in Malaysia Papi Zak, (Comedy Central Asia, GoAsean) be very prepared to fall off your seat in this rollercoaster ball of laughs.

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From the trials of dating to the agony of men, bedroom escapades to the hilarity of marriage, the challenges of losing weight to mother in laws, no topic is sacred or out of bounds when these women (and 1 real man) take KL by storm once again. This show promises audiences 90% ALL NEW jokes so you are guaranteed the ride of your life.

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Drag Attack were back!!

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Are you ready for a night off laughter and bitchy mayhem?

Heres a short clip off Aprils Drag Attack show @ The Theater Lounge cafe. We are returning to you for another round off comedy, singing and a whole lot off diva drama. You better start booking your seats now! Starring: Alfred Loh, Afham Zainal and Phraveen. 
Directed by Joanne Kam, Thurs 4th August – Sunday 7th August @ Theatre Lounge Café please wassap 01111278823 or call 03 6730 7982 for reservations



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 Everyone has a little diva in them, If you were a Drag Queen for a day what would your Drag name be? Let me know on my Facebook fan page Joanne Kam Poh Poh or the Drag Attack event page.


 What do you get when you put Conchita Wurst, Rupaul and Priscilla together in one show? 
A hilarious must watch battle of the Drag Divas that will leave you sashaying to Kylie, emoting to Mariah while you GaGa away, Like a Prayer to Madonna.

Put on your fiercest heels, your sexiest lashes and mascara, get your disco fix on and unleash the inner drag in you and join us in the most fun night you will have since Wong Foo went on a journey of true self-discovery.

A hilarious evening of music, glamour and bitchy mayhem.
Everyone welcome. Drags preferred

Featuring : Ashraf Zain, Alfred Lo and Phraveen and with a special guest star each night.
Directed by Joanne Kam, Musical Direction by Llew Marsh, Written by Ashraf Zain & Shamaine Othman

Dates : Thursday 31st March – Sun 3rd April
Time: 9pm
Venue : Theater Lounge Café
Add : B1-3A, Plaza Damas 3, 63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur.
Cover charge : Rm 70 at the door. Sofa limited : RM100 ( 1 free glass of wine )
Webpage :
For more inquiries call : Naomi : 012-2135951 or 03-67307982


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 “esquire 4Esquire Malaysia August 2011″

Esquire have kindly allowed me to reprint the monthly articles that I’ve been writing for them for the last few years. This week’s blast from the past comes from July 2011. Check out Esquire Malayisa each month for my latest articles

             LOOK AT ME

They say to love somebody else you’ve got to learn to love yourself.
Your love for her should only make you love you more.

How many times have you consoled a lady friend who was dumped by her boyfriend, as she ripped through a box of Kleenex, wailing her eyes out and cursing her ex? Most women have encountered this situation. We were either the ones doing the crying or the ones holding our friend’s hand, assuring them that they will get through that difficult period, bastards.

Personally I don’t believe that at all but as my once-confident friends are reduced to what resembles a bowl of Jell-O with tear ducts, I am forced to feed her emotional monster with that affirmation, all in the name of sisterhood But what if men are not the bastards, and what if women are the ones to blame? How much consoling can we handle if the situation is reversed? Would we sit beside them, idealistically chanting from Glo-ria Gaynor’s breakup anthem, “I Will Survive”? Relationships are born out of need. It’s the oldest ritual since men and women gathered to live together in a cave a long, long time ago. Men hunt, women gather, and our primal instinct to mate is so we won’t become extinct. These days, women aren’t just gatherers. We’ve crossed into hunter positions as well.

So how does that affect modern relationships? One male friend, after a series of unsuccessful flings that never got to the moving in stage, gave me and a bunch of other girlfriends some interesting insight to the whole situation. “Women don’t get it. If we like you, we don’t want to change you. But most women, once they find a man, they start changing. Men don’t want that, and we don’t want to be changed either.” Another male friend admits that when the dating stage is over and a woman moves in, they start seeing things that they never saw before. One stand-up comic friend of mine recently quipped: “Women wear master disguises. First you show us what we want, and there’s the sex, and it’s awesome, and we stay, and then out of nowhere after we’re with you for a few months, and you’ve moved it, one night we come home and you change, and you become psycho, and we’re like, who are you?” So perhaps the answer to coupled bliss is about sustaining you—instead of putting the relationship first, you should put you first. The best relationships are the ones that bring satisfaction to the individual.

This may sound selfish but a relationship will last longer and be healthier if you put yourself first. So the next time a weeping lady friend is sitting on your sofa saying, “But I did all those things for him”, give her a wakeup call and ask her, “But did you do anything for yourself?” Men don’t change to suit a relationship. If anything, they manage their habits better—women should know that if they expect to mould the person they’re with, or themselves, into what they feel is the ideal partner, then have the superglue ready because someone’s going to crack.


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            IMG_1178.JPG                                                        podcast

Hear myself and the lovely Priscillia Seelan all the way from LA discussing all areas of modern relationships from affairs to friends with benefits. We’re here to help you answer your questions about having a healthy fun relationship and keeping that spark alive.